Kindness Cards For Kids
Kindness Cards For Kids
Kindness Cards For Kids

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Kindness Cards For Kids

Shine your kind heart into the world!

Kindness takes time to blossom, just like a tree takes time to grow from a small seed. This colorful deck shares different ways kids can practice being kind to themselves, their families, their communities, and the earth every single day. Each card offers a simple reflection or activity that helps kids develop their strengths in four key dimensions of kindness: compassion, empathy, courage, and responsibility. Kindness can be challenging, but these cards make it fun; and the more we practice, the better we feel!

  • Ages 5-9
  • Author: Nuanprang Snitbhan 
  • Boxed set of prompt cards
  • Publisher: Shambala, 2020
  • Deck of 52 cards, 7.4" x 5.7"