Storage Crate Grey
Storage Crate Grey


Storage Crate Grey

These versatile storage crates can be used for many kinds of home organization. They come in a variety of colours – we love mixing and matching them! They are stackable and foldable too.

When not in use, they easily fold together and take up a minimum of space.

Made of Polypropylene, a material Aykasa has selected for multiple purposes: it's food-safe, which means that bacteria cannot live on the surface. Polypropylene is also very easy to recycle and therefore has a fine environmental footprint. It is maintenance-free, is highly durable and can be used for many, many years.

mini measurements L 27 cm, W 17 cm, H 11 cm

midi measurements L 40 cm, W 30 cm, H 17 cm

maxi measurements L 60 cm, W 40 cm, H 22 cm