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These Words I Shaped For You Board Book - Curated Cradle

These Words I Shaped For You Board Book

Before you were born, you fit into the round fullness of my belly

and when I dreamt I sent words like love to keep you safe.

And when I first touched your tiny hand to mine,

I drew a heart inside your palm for you to hold.

There is no love more beautiful, more pure, than the deep-rooted love shared between parent and child. Told with vivid, poetic language, and accompanied by Basak Agaoglu’s adorable, child-friendly art, Megan Merchant infuses genuine warmth and compassion in this celebration of a mother’s heartfelt affection for her child. Whether it’s Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, graduation, or just an ordinary day, this is the perfect book to share with the people in our lives we cherish most.

Recommended for: 0-3 Years